Monday, January 9, 2012

7 Day Vitality Progamme

We worked with to produce this book and now it is here we are thrilled to see everyones hard work come together to produce a wonderful book that will hopefully inspire others to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

You can buy the book on the website where you will also find much more information and details of how you can buy frozen wheatgrass which can be delivered to your door in handy 1oz pots ready for you to use. Brilliant, check it out!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Live Wheatgrass

My friend Britt Cordi has written a book to go with her super product Live Wheatgrass which is called the 7 Day Vitality Plan. It is packed with super recipes and ideas as well as the 7 Day Plan to get you back on track with your health and energy levels.
You can read more and buy the book and all the wheatgrass you will need at and the website will answer all your questions.

This is such a wonderful product, organic, fresh and delivered to you frozen in little pots so all you have to do is take it out the freezer and let it thaw whilst you take a shower. You notice the difference immediately, but do not take my word for it, try it! xx

Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is easy to look back over the last year and remember all the negative things that have happened but this is the time to reflect on all the positive things which have happened and take a moment to give thanks.
The main stream media seems intent on sending us negative news hour by hour but behind the scenes there is always positive news which never reaches the headlines.
We are lucky enough to hear from positive people everyday, those out there who are helping people to live their dreams, helping others to use their skills to help those less fortunate than ourselves, people working to protect the planet in fact the list is endless but without these people the International Lifestyle Magazine would not be as successful as it is.
This year we have seen a new cover launch, the International Real Estate Magazine and in February 2012 we launch the Austalian Lifestyle Magazine, again proof that there is plenty of positivity out there.
2012 can be a great year for everyone we just need to grab life by the hands and do something positive, we need to take control and move forward and push aside all the negativity.
Here is to positivity. xx

Friday, April 8, 2011

60 Minute Make Over In The Dinner Hall

You know it is going to be an eventful day when you arrive into the village to hear the ´new boy´screaming from inside the school. Something to do, so I understand, with a small plastic pink elephant, however, he was told that he would have to stay in the classroom as punishment until it was time to leave for the restaurant. This was going quite well until he took the decision to try and use a chair to break through the window to escape. I should point out here that this is an eight year old. Much fuss until finally he was allowed into the playground on the strict instructions that he behaved himself.

All was going well.

The village was full with people enjoying a drink in the brilliant sunshine, people carrying their shopping, stopping to chat or collect fresh water from the font, it was, quite simply wonderful.

So, off to the restaurant for the childrens lunch. I led the way into the restaurant, up the stairs and began making sure all the children had water to drink and then I heard that familiar sound. Here comes the new boy.

Obviously the salad was not up to scratch, much to the horror of all the other children this became a rather fetching decoration for the curtains. Next paella. He took one look and just as he was about to grab it and throw it, it was rescued by another dinner lady. This interception was not to his liking. He tried to run out of the restaurant, I managed to catch him and then had to get him out of my hair. He was basically hanging onto my pony tail with two hands whilst screaming in my ear. You really should get danger money for this job, and all to learn Spanish!

The owner of the restaurant rushed up and gave him a lolly, she did not seem to understand that she was basically rewarding him for being bad, however, she was soon wearing the lolly so that passed.

Finally he calmed down and sat down at the table. Spanish children do not know how lucky they are, a four course meal and a floor show, all that is missing is the opportunity for a dance.

Still back into the playground, lock the gates and let them just relax after their lunch. The village was buzzing with people eating in the sunshine, lots of chatter, laughter and the clutter of knives and forks.

I love living here, there really is never a dull moment.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Russell Brand Visits The Village!

As I sat in the village today enjoying a coffee in the sunshine before my run as dinner lady began, I said hello to lots of people. Mums, old men in their slippers wandering up the middle of the road, the cafe owners, a few passing dogs who clearly had somewhere important to go, I watched various groups of conversations happening throughout the street and then I saw the outline of something that had never been seen the village before.

I could see the long black hair, I could see a flash of yellow, but I could not work out exactly what it was.

As it drew closer the walk looked incredibly familiar, that sort of walk where people seem to be on a pogo stick, the hair flicking up and down. It was him I was sure of it.

He was wearing bright blue trousers, a bright blue shirt, a yellow waistcoast with a yellow tie and to top it all off, a yellow headband. I felt a moment of excitement, I mean the whole village almost came to a standstill. Conversations stopped, old ladies turned, nudging each other, tourists were reaching for their cameras. It was definately him.

As he drew closer something was wrong, he appeared to be pulling a trolly, that said it was also blue and yellow so it matched the whole outfit, and then I realised. I was looking at the substitute postman.

He strode up the middle of the road, overtaking the man in his slippers, and with his hair still bounching he faded into the horizon. A few moments passed, and then people carried on with their day.

I finished my coffee and went into the school. I wonder what will be thrown up the walls today.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Revolt In The Dinner Hall

I work as a dinner lady here in Spain, I do it because it enables me to learn Spanish, I get to know the children of the village and of course, you get into the real hub of the place if you are in the middle of it for a couple of hours a day, however, I may have caused a slight problem.

All the children are very interested in our animals. They like to see pictures, they have all been to visit and they are all waiting for the piglets to arrive so they can come and see them, and this has caused a slight problem.

Today pizza was served. My children, who are vegetarians, had a four cheese special the others had either salami or ham and cheese. All of them, except two of the older boys, refused to eat "Hamlet". "Who is Hamlet?" asked the owner of the restaurant. I had to explain that Hamlet was one of my pigs. The children folded their arms and refused to eat him! Whilst internally I was absolutely thrilled that they were beginning to see meat as an animal, the incredibly stern stare that I received from the owner was a little scary.

It had come to her attention that more and more children were refusing to eat pork, chicken, sausages in fact just about anything. She then went on to tell me that if children do not eat meat they will not grow. This coming from a lady who can only be 4ft as she looked up at me.

Still this moment was quickly broken by the new boy who managed to aim his pizza at the wall and as it slid down all hands were on deck to clear up, whilst he then began trying to get hold of everyone elses pizza to aim around the room.

Who would of thought that you could change the views of meat eaters just by a meet and greet afternoon. I have booked another at my house on Sunday!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Village Life

I live in a little village in the mountain tops of Spain. I used to live in a town, very close to a big city and the difference is huge. Firstly, everyone knows everyone. Not in a nosey way but in a way that makes the village safe. New faces are noticed straight away, welcomed, but noted. It means that as I speak my children can walk their goats in the mountains and whilst I listen for their voices I know that they are safe. When I think back to how it was not even possible to let them play in the garden without constant supervision, it makes me realise how lucky we are and how life should be.

Every day is full of new surprises, new experiences, nearly all of them make me laugh.

We are having new pipes put into our village, at least I think that is what they are doing, everyone who is working on the job is someone I know, and today, great excitement, one of them was given a whistle to direct the traffic.(by traffic I mean the few cars who come into the village to drop children off at the local school which has a total pupil count of 70) and to say he is excited is an understatement. He blows his whistle with absolute pride, he is, of course, not actually directing the traffic which I realised as I came face to face with a tractor carrying my neighbours and their dog on a trip to the village, however, the point is, everything is great here.

No one is slightly interested in fashion, who is on the front pages of glossy magazines or anything remotely materialistic, all they are interested in is family, life and how the vegetables are doing. In short, it is simple and beautiful.

Everyone says hello to one another, everyone is greeted with a smile and it sets you up for the day. The Spanish are truly beautiful people.

I want to write stories for you to let you know what happens in this beautiful village so that you can get to know the characters of the village as well as I have.

The children have just returned now from their walk, the doneky is braying as he sees them and our food is ready. Simple life, beautiful life one that I wish you could all find and embrace. It feeds your soul and connects you in a way that can only be experienced by stepping into it.