Saturday, December 4, 2010

Love or hate them, they are brilliant!

This is the time of year that we start to see the wonderful Brussels Sprout appearing and I have to say I just love them. I love to take my fork, collect one or two and then dip them straight into the cranberry sauce for the most fantastic taste of winter. I shall be cooking them today having just written that, I am craving them as we speak.

People often say they just hate them, but I really believe that this is down to how they are prepared, if you buy frozen ones and then boil them for a couple of days, or even fresh boiled this way, they will be horrific.

That said, I could wrap them in chocolate and my son would not eat them, so in some cases you simply cannot make them great, but each year I try again in the hope that his taste buds will one day kick in to this fab little vegetable.

The best way to cook them, in my opinion, is to simply steam them until they are just cooked through and then they taste awesome. I could eat these just on their own with a little olive oil and a sprinkling of seasoning. You can even slice them and put them into a wok with a little sesame oil and cook for a couple of minutes, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and you have a wonderful side dish.+

How you cook and prepare them also dictates how good they are for you.

Not only do they taste fantastic, they hold incredible health benefits with 3 times more vitamin C, weight for weight, than an orange, which is why Mother Nature produces them now to help protect against colds and flu, plus they help protect against certain cancers so well worth finding away that you can enjoy them.

I strongly suggest you buy fresh, look for smaller ones and try these, go on you never know you may actually like them now.


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