Monday, December 6, 2010


Coming up in our next issue of International Lifestyle Magazine, we are looking at the cost of cheap milk and at the same time looking at some of the best kept cows in the world and the milk they produce.

When you buy milk try to opt for organic or maybe look at trying soy milk as an alternative because when you see milk that is low in price you can be sure that there is a factory farm somewhere exploiting a herd of cows, making them produce much more milk than they should be in order to line the fat cats pockets with money.

Any food that is super cheap comes with a cost, even when you see incredibly cheap clothes you know that someone, somewhere is working very long hours with very little pay so try to shop with a conscious.

Consider also the amount of drugs that are pumped into these poor animals to protect them from disease which they would never even have to worry about if they were allowed to graze and live correctly in the right environment, so even if you could nto care less about the cows who produce the milk, at least care about yourself and your family and what you are drinking.

Food for thought.


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