Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Presents!

I note, with some horror, that some people are already putting up their Christmas decorations which seems a little early considering that it is just October, however, it is also clear that people are now buying their Christmas presents. I would also like to point out here that I have not even considered this yet, too busy organising a halloween party for what seems like every child in the village, however, for those that are organised take a moment.

There are a million great gifts you can give which will truly reflect the meaning of Christmas.

Before you puchase expensive, sometimes unwanted, gifts think about doing something really positive. You can donate to so many people and make a real difference or you could buy vouchers for travel in the new year. There are so many great companies, with many great ideas, that you could give someone the best gift of their life, plus it will not be stuffed in a drawer by the new year, they will have something to look forward to.

You can sponsor an animal from around the world, you can purchase some brilliant gifts from some great companies who use the profits to make a difference to the world, so before you rush out and spend, spend, spend, take a moment to think about the person you are buying for and choose a gift that will make them feel thought of and special and make a difference to someone or something in the world.


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