Saturday, October 23, 2010

From Little Acorns

I heard a great saying just the other day,

"You cannot change the direction of the tides but you can change the direction in your sails"

I hear people often talk about all the negative things in their life, how they would like to change this, how they would like to do that not even contemplating for a moment all the good things in their life which really makes me sad.

If people put as much energy into positive thoughts as they do into negative thoughts think how much better the world would be.

There are always people worse off than ourselves and we should spare a moment of our time to consider these people. It is very easy to complain but harder to actually get off your backside and make a difference but you have to get out of your chair to make that journey.

If you have a dream or ambition then make it happen. Only you can do this, it cannot be done for you so use everything you have to achieve it. Do not instantly think that without money you cannot achieve anything, simply start with small goals to make your dreams reality then build on your successes.

My own moto is that there are never problems only solutions, in otherwords, find the positive solution to a situation and waste not a moment of your time on the negative alternatives.

We can all achieve anything, nothing is unrealistic, the only thing that can prevent us achieving anything is ourselves so do not hold yourself back just get out there and go for it, and the next time you see a huge oak tree, remember how it started out.


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