Friday, November 5, 2010

Before You Do Your Weekly Shop....

Please check out this web site and see for yourself the horrors that go on behind the scenes in order to bring you meat.

We often see adverts from large supermarket chains offering reduced price meat and meat meals but in order to save you a few pounds animals have to go through absolute hell, so ask yourself is it worth it.

Look at the meat on the supermarket shelves, look at the boxes showing happy animals on packets of prepared meals, look in a butchers window and consider for a moment the absolute hell that these animals have been through and then consider why on earth you would want to put this into your system.

Your body needs energy, you will not find it in dead meat, there is no energy in this at all, it is what it clearly is. Dead.

Read through the site, do not find excuses look at the evidence and make the right choice.

Even the word organic can be deceptive, check out what happens to a chick before it is moved to a world of organic upbringing.

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