Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seriously, is this really needed?

Although foie gras is expensive and is produced by some incredibly cruel methods it is a favourite at Christmas time in France, and if the French are incredibly busy running around they can now buy a burger which includes their favourite foie gras in the form of a burger!

Quick, which is a rival to McDonalds in France, will be selling the 'Supreme Foie Gras Burger' for just 5 euros, or 7.50 euros with fries and a soft drink The burger features pieces of foie gras atop a minced beef patty, with onion relish and rocket leaves.

It will be served at its 360 outlets across the country for three days only, from December 17 to 19.

Foie gras, which translates literally as ‘fatty liver’, is produced mainly in the southwest of France by farmers who force-feed poultry with large quantities of ground corn and wheat in order to swell the birds’ livers, and by force fed I mean a tube shoved down their throats and then food literally poured into their stomachs, makes the burger sound better all the time, I mean, who would not want to buy such a positive snack?

Once extracted the livers can fetch up to 100 euros per kilo at markets in the Aquitaine region and even more in Paris during the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

For me this is just another example of human greed and vanity, you can imagine can´t you, "look at me and my incredibly expensive burger" really, the fact that you are eating a fast food burger indicates you have no style at all, no matter what is in it.

If this works in the 3 days that the burgers are on sale no doubt this ´forward thinking´burger chain will expand the branches that you can purchase this burger. You will be able to find ´fatty liver´burgers served with chips, sorry french fries, and a soft drink in more places, hippie.

If you are reading this and are about to say it is ok because the animals like being force fed, they look forward to it, blah, blah, blah don´t. I have geese and ducks as pets who live with us and I can assure you, they would not want to live in a shed with thousands of other birds with only the thought of being force fed to look forward too. Get your head out of the sand and see the reality of this. Sorry to rant but it simply drives me nuts!


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  1. Thanks, Lynn. I am constantly appalled at the lengths that we humans will go to in the name of greed and selfishness. Instead of naturally raised animals, which offers a good life to the animals and a healthy meat for us, we select for horrific conditions and treatment of our livestock including feedlots, force feeding, crowded and filthy living conditions, etc. We humans need to learn respect for the other forms of life we share this planet with, including those we eat.