Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Are You?

Sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves of who we actually are. It is easy to fall into our roles of wife, mother, personal shopper, housekeeper, cook, mobile memo pad and of course you need to throw your job into this mix also but everyday we need to kick back and take a moment.

If that means reading a book for an hour, watching mind numbing TV because it allows you the space to unwind, or take walk then so beit.

No we do not need to apologise for this for these actions are those which allow us to do all the other jobs we have been allocated.

If you have the complete mix you have a beautiful completed jig saw puzzle at the end of each day, without taking the time you need you end up with the most annoying picture with one piece missing.

Take time, do not apologise and reject any statements that may make you feel guilty.

Life is about balance so check your scales to ensure the right mix and success.


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