Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Is Coming The Lentil Is Getting Fat!

This Christmas why not do something really different and dump the turkey, the pork, the beef, the sausages in fact, dump anything on your table that just screams negativity.

Most illnesses over Christmas are caused by over eating or food poisoning and yet with the right ingredients you can have a great Christmas dinner, you can still have all the veg and trimmings but why not eliminate the source of food that not only effects you on the day but also goes on to clog up your intestines for many days to come.

You may think the idea of lentils are Christmas is just crazy, but if you prepare them properly I assure you that the texture is similiar to meat, it has more protein than any piece of meat and it will help to cleanse your system of everything else you have consumed over Christmas.

Here is a statistic to consider for a moment, More than 45 million turkeys are killed every year for Thanksgiving alone, and more than 300 million are killed for food throughout the year in the United States ( 45 million turkeys, I mean you have to consider the treatment these animals go through just to put the seasonal traditional bird on the table.

This Christmas plan a healthy and concious free seasonal dinner.


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