Thursday, November 11, 2010

Green Tea

If you drink alot of tea and coffee you need to think about cutting down on our cafeine in take, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not just stop drinking tea and coffee but start to reduce your intake by incorporating other drinks into your daily diet and one in particular is green tea.

There are many health benefits associated with green tea but here are just a few to consider.

1. It helps to fight cancer.
2. It helps to fight heart disease.
3. It will hope lower cholesterol.
4. It can help prevent strokes.
5. It can help prevent diabetes.

Start each day with just one or two cups of green tea, which will help you reduce your caffiene intake and start to make you feel better and ultimately you will have more energy!

You can buy green tea anywhere but if you can, buy the leaves, but if you are on the go bags will be ok.

Have a great day


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