Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Monday, What On Earth Is That?

The news in the UK is filled today with how this is the gloomiest day and how everyone will feel fed up throughout this day! I have to say, if you keep saying that you will feel like that so why on earth do we not have the happiest day, or presenters offering us news that will give us a lift and make us feel great.

I flicked through several channels early this morning, when people are at their most vulnerable including the BBC, ITV, CCN and many more.

How we feel is a state of mind. If you walk around feeling down, moaning about everything, seeing the bad in everything obviously you are going to feel awful. What we need to be doing is looking at all the positives in the world, identifying all the great things about our own lives and building on these feelings.

The media is great at bringing people down, controlling them using emotions that can only lead to a demotivated society. When society is demotivated it is easier to bring in changes that we may otherwise stand up against but if you feel down you generally do not have the energy to stand up and we start to accept more and more. The same applies to your own life.

If you feel down you will allow more and more negativity into your life. Someone may say something to you that makes you feel, well in short horrible, but without the energy you do not confront the remarks, you simply accept them.

Put a smile on your face, confirm to yourself what is great about you and no matter what the media or anyone else tells you, this is a great day and you only accept positivity, you reject any negativity, because you love life, you love yourself and you want only happiness and peace for your future no matter how hard others try to restrict it.


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