Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vouchers To Make You Healthy?

I read today that the UK government are planning to hand out 50 pound vouchers to help people get healthy and avoid obesity but aren´t they missing the point?

People who are overweight are not going to suddenly become fit and healthy because of a few vouchers designed to help them buy frozen vegetables and alcohol free beer at a lower cost. What these people need is time to understand why they are overweight, to understand the root cause of the problem, followed by an education on what foods can do for you along with clear demonstrations on how to prepare the food.

Most overweight people do not eat nearly enough food, the problem is the food they do eat is not feeding them on a nutritional level so they constantly feel hungy so they eat something else that will only give them a short term solution before they feel hungry again.

You cannot solve the problem of obesity with vouchers, money needs to be spent to work with people, to engage them into the idea of eating well, to scrap the idea of calories or points but to show people that eating well means you are always full and satisfied and that in fact, it is actually much cheaper to eat well and therefore to feel well.

This is, once again, just a band aid solution.

If you, or anyone else you know, is interested in changing how you look and feel then they can contact me, or any other holistic nutritionist, who will help get the whole you back into balance for a long term solution.


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