Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hidden Beauty

It is incredibly easy to go about our business without taking a single moment to look at the beauty around us. No matter where you live there will be beauty, it may a view, it could be a bird singing in a tree or the first sign of blossom on the trees but whereever you are it is there.

Just by taking a moment to admire the beauty of nature you will be taking a moment for yourself which is a form of meditation and even if you step out of your world for just a minute it will help you.

Appreciating nature can be incredibly uplifting, it shows strength that no matter what is thrown at it, it will win, think of battle fields where the flowers still push through, or the single green leaf that appears out of world disasters. It teaches us that no matter what happens we can overcome it, that we all have inner strength, that we can all survive.

We are all one with nature, their skills are our skills, we just need to recognise them and use and be held back by nothing.

Have a wonderful day!


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