Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The news is simply loaded with information on the weather conditions around the world and it has to make you wonder.

The word ´biblical´has been used in the media and no matter what your believes you have to ask what is happening.

Australia has flooded covering a space the size of Germany and France combined. People have lost everything and now the crocs and snakes are moving in. Arizona has snow, the UK reached minus levels that fell below that of the artic. Russia is a frozen wilderness, disease has started spreading amoungst humans, birds are falling from the sky in their 1000´s, fish are dying and floating on the rivers. Volcanos have caused havoc with travel and health.

What we need to do now, in my opinion, is to start thinking outside the box of comfort and start thinking about our future.

In the event that something like this happens to you, you have to be prepared. You need to have drinking water on standby, you need to have foods that do not need electricity to store, you need to ensure that you can keep warm without the use of electricity or mains gas.

If this all sounds a little bit out there, just look around the planet. Who says you will be safe where you are?

There is nothing we can do to stop what Mother Nature decides, so be prepared, open your eyes and make sure that if and when the time comes you are ready. What you see from your windows may not always look the same in the future.


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