Friday, January 7, 2011

Points, Calories, Green Food & Red Food, BMI it goes on and on

If you are unhappy with how you look and feel you can take control and deal with it.

I am not interested in how much you weigh or even how much you think you should weight, in my opinion there are no set rules it is simply about feeling great.

Most weight issues go much deeper than just eating too much so even if you stick to a diet and reduce your weight you will probably end up back where you started without dealing with the real problem first.

When I work with people who are overweight we never even discuss food for the first couple of weeks, it is about establishing when the problem began, finding the trigger, finding out what people are currently eating and moving forward from here.

You need to start building your confidence and self esteem which will not be gained simply by reducing your weight.

I have no interest in calories or what ideal weights should be based against height. Everyone is different, your body will find its perfect weight without constantly standing on scales to see if you have lost weight.

One of the biggest problems with loosing pounds is stress and standing on your scales every morning just adds to your stress and will prevent you getting into balance.

So, if you want to get back into balance talk to me, you will not find the answer in a pre prepared meal, a magazine suppliment or anything else promising you success. The success is in you, and you alone and if you want to move forward feeling healthy and confident both on the inside as well as the outside let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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