Friday, April 8, 2011

60 Minute Make Over In The Dinner Hall

You know it is going to be an eventful day when you arrive into the village to hear the ´new boy´screaming from inside the school. Something to do, so I understand, with a small plastic pink elephant, however, he was told that he would have to stay in the classroom as punishment until it was time to leave for the restaurant. This was going quite well until he took the decision to try and use a chair to break through the window to escape. I should point out here that this is an eight year old. Much fuss until finally he was allowed into the playground on the strict instructions that he behaved himself.

All was going well.

The village was full with people enjoying a drink in the brilliant sunshine, people carrying their shopping, stopping to chat or collect fresh water from the font, it was, quite simply wonderful.

So, off to the restaurant for the childrens lunch. I led the way into the restaurant, up the stairs and began making sure all the children had water to drink and then I heard that familiar sound. Here comes the new boy.

Obviously the salad was not up to scratch, much to the horror of all the other children this became a rather fetching decoration for the curtains. Next paella. He took one look and just as he was about to grab it and throw it, it was rescued by another dinner lady. This interception was not to his liking. He tried to run out of the restaurant, I managed to catch him and then had to get him out of my hair. He was basically hanging onto my pony tail with two hands whilst screaming in my ear. You really should get danger money for this job, and all to learn Spanish!

The owner of the restaurant rushed up and gave him a lolly, she did not seem to understand that she was basically rewarding him for being bad, however, she was soon wearing the lolly so that passed.

Finally he calmed down and sat down at the table. Spanish children do not know how lucky they are, a four course meal and a floor show, all that is missing is the opportunity for a dance.

Still back into the playground, lock the gates and let them just relax after their lunch. The village was buzzing with people eating in the sunshine, lots of chatter, laughter and the clutter of knives and forks.

I love living here, there really is never a dull moment.


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