Friday, April 1, 2011

Truth, Honesty, Freedom

It has been a while since my last blog, to be honest, with so much going on in the world it has been difficult to express my feelings. To be honest, with natural disasters in particular, I cannot but help feel that Mother Nature is dealing with a world that needs cleansing, of course I watch the images and feel deeply for the people but then you look at nuclear reactors threatening the world even further and you start to see the reason for the cleanse.

We are a world consumed with greed. Money seems to be the only thing that keeps some people going. Take Libya. The UN has agreed to a no fly zone, they are helping the rebels to win their battle but I still feel that they do not give a hoot about the people and their needs, all they are worried about is the oil, again, back to money. I have seen no evidence of the UN rushing into countries where people are being killed everyday simply by voting incorrectly, I suspect they have nothing that the leaders of the world want or need.

The news is full of politicians presenting speech after speech and ultimately saying nothing. Behind closed doors they spend weeks working out how they can take control, with them telling those who listen that their main concern is the people, when we all know they are working out how they can get their hands on the oil and the money whilst appearing to be acting under humanitarian concern.

The last few months have shown us what nature can do, it has shown us just how greedy the powers are that run the world and it has shown us that when people join forces they can achieve anything.

I hope the people in the middle east achieve what they want, the basic needs of life. They just want a roof, warmth, food and safety for their families and shame on the rest of the world who are using this as an opportunity to fill their wallets.

I hope the people in Japan find peace, I hope they see that even in their time of absolute need that in order to maintain control their governments have lied to them about the concerns of the nuclear reactors and I only hope that their lies to not explode into a massive problem in a few years time when the effects of radiation will start to show.

What is lacking in this world is honesty. No one is honest. No one really cares, so those of us who do need to do more, we need to raise questions, speak out and thank our lucky stars that we can write what we like without the fear of being removed from society.

Take time today to thank God, or whoever you pray to, for what you have. Freedom.


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