Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Revolt In The Dinner Hall

I work as a dinner lady here in Spain, I do it because it enables me to learn Spanish, I get to know the children of the village and of course, you get into the real hub of the place if you are in the middle of it for a couple of hours a day, however, I may have caused a slight problem.

All the children are very interested in our animals. They like to see pictures, they have all been to visit and they are all waiting for the piglets to arrive so they can come and see them, and this has caused a slight problem.

Today pizza was served. My children, who are vegetarians, had a four cheese special the others had either salami or ham and cheese. All of them, except two of the older boys, refused to eat "Hamlet". "Who is Hamlet?" asked the owner of the restaurant. I had to explain that Hamlet was one of my pigs. The children folded their arms and refused to eat him! Whilst internally I was absolutely thrilled that they were beginning to see meat as an animal, the incredibly stern stare that I received from the owner was a little scary.

It had come to her attention that more and more children were refusing to eat pork, chicken, sausages in fact just about anything. She then went on to tell me that if children do not eat meat they will not grow. This coming from a lady who can only be 4ft as she looked up at me.

Still this moment was quickly broken by the new boy who managed to aim his pizza at the wall and as it slid down all hands were on deck to clear up, whilst he then began trying to get hold of everyone elses pizza to aim around the room.

Who would of thought that you could change the views of meat eaters just by a meet and greet afternoon. I have booked another at my house on Sunday!


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