Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Village Life

I live in a little village in the mountain tops of Spain. I used to live in a town, very close to a big city and the difference is huge. Firstly, everyone knows everyone. Not in a nosey way but in a way that makes the village safe. New faces are noticed straight away, welcomed, but noted. It means that as I speak my children can walk their goats in the mountains and whilst I listen for their voices I know that they are safe. When I think back to how it was not even possible to let them play in the garden without constant supervision, it makes me realise how lucky we are and how life should be.

Every day is full of new surprises, new experiences, nearly all of them make me laugh.

We are having new pipes put into our village, at least I think that is what they are doing, everyone who is working on the job is someone I know, and today, great excitement, one of them was given a whistle to direct the traffic.(by traffic I mean the few cars who come into the village to drop children off at the local school which has a total pupil count of 70) and to say he is excited is an understatement. He blows his whistle with absolute pride, he is, of course, not actually directing the traffic which I realised as I came face to face with a tractor carrying my neighbours and their dog on a trip to the village, however, the point is, everything is great here.

No one is slightly interested in fashion, who is on the front pages of glossy magazines or anything remotely materialistic, all they are interested in is family, life and how the vegetables are doing. In short, it is simple and beautiful.

Everyone says hello to one another, everyone is greeted with a smile and it sets you up for the day. The Spanish are truly beautiful people.

I want to write stories for you to let you know what happens in this beautiful village so that you can get to know the characters of the village as well as I have.

The children have just returned now from their walk, the doneky is braying as he sees them and our food is ready. Simple life, beautiful life one that I wish you could all find and embrace. It feeds your soul and connects you in a way that can only be experienced by stepping into it.


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