Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back To School!

Today the children have returned to school. It is strange how you cannot wait in the end for this day to get here, mainly because you need to get back into a routine of some sort, and yet, now they are away the whole farm feels really empty.

Hamlet and his piglets are looking for Megan who usually brings them a treat in the morning, all the geese and ducks are wandering around trying to work out what is missing, Nero the donkey keeps braying because no one is rubbing his ears, Maurice the horse could not care less but then that is no surprise! even the little guinea pigs want to know where the children are who by now are usually hand feeding them lettuce!

A family is an incredibly tight bond and when one piece is missing it feels completely out of balance, but sometimes we need to be apart in order to identify and appreciate all the things that make each one special.

I know that when they return home they will be full of news about new teachers, new people in the school, who had what in their school snack, can so and so come and stay and see the animals, how they have told everyone that they will bring in the donkey for show and tell, how the teacher was not too keen and even less keen about the idea of bringing in Hamlet the pig, how they saved a snail at break, how they needed a plaster (they never really need a plaster but it looks good!) how they have yet another list of things they need for school and after all this, without a single breath, they will then tell me they are starving and what is for lunch and so the routine is established again.


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