Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Is Beauty?

Having watched a week of news reports about London Fashion week and who looked beautiful, who looked too thin, who looked too fat, blah, blah, blah you have to wonder what is beauty?

Society promotes the belief that you need to be dressed from head to toe in designer labels, spend hours at the beauty parlour and mix with the right people, be seen in the right places in order to be beautiful but in reality the real beauty lies beneath.

Beauty comes from the heart. A truly beautiful person just exudes an energy that makes them beautiful. Beauty is seen everyday on the news and within the media and yet it is never mentioned. What about people who travel the world, dressed in whatever, working with abandoned children to help them find a friend and a future? How about people that risk their lives for others every day? There are people who live in amoungst some of the darkest people on this planet to highlight to the world the cruelty that exists and yet not once are they described as beautiful people.

Look around you and witness for yourself the true beauty. Beauty lies in a Mother wiping a childs nose with care. It lies in a parent holding a childs hand for support. It lies in the person helping another with a problem. Beauty is everywhere and it does not have to have a designer label attached and nor does it need to have an endorsement contract with a cosmetic company to make it truly beautiful.

Move away from what we are pushed into believing is correct and live your life in truth. The most beautiful way to live your life ever.


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