Monday, September 20, 2010


Look at this picture. Look at what is happening here. Look at the jerk with the knife.

Every year in Spain 40,000 bulls are murdered in the name of entertainment.

Ears are cut off whilst the bull is still alive and waved to the watching crowd to show everyone how manly the murderer is. Even worth things are cut off and shown to the crowd. The animal dies a slow death in many of the activities here in Spain, no matter what people tell you.

There is of course bullfighting but there is also the hideous tradition of ´blood fiestas´ here some poor bull is chased around by men on horses who spear the poor animal as he tries frantically to get away. Eventually, when the poor thing is completely exhuasted the men move in for the kill, only when they are sure that they cannot be injured. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

It makes me so angry and to think that these people are trying to get these sports listed as a cultural right in order to obtain funds from the European government is even worse.

The EU has already provided 185 MILLION POUNDS since 2005 to support these sports and it cannot go on.

60% of Spanish people want these sports, if you can call them that, to stop but that still leaves 40% who continue with these barbaric activities.

It is not only bulls it is many other animals too. Chickens stuck in boxes with their heads out so that a blind folded man can see how many heads he can cut off. Chickens hung from washing lines so that someone can ride underneath and see how many heads they can remove.


Check out many of the animals organisations working to bring this to a stop. It can be done, look at bullfighting in some regions of Spain which is now illegal, not long ago this would have seemed impossible but with believe and determination you can make a difference and you can make changes.


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