Saturday, September 18, 2010

If You Do Not Eat Meat You Will Die! Good Grief!

Whilst enjoying our, vegetarian, meal last night, we were all talking about our days and Megan started to tell us about lessons at school and the things they were learning. It all started very well, with if people keep killing the whales there will soon be none left but then it went onto meat eating.

Megans teacher told the whole class that if you do not eat meat you will die. That everyone must eat meat for protein that we need to grow and develop. Megan decided to remain quite on the fact that her Mum was a vegetarian and as I write this, in very good health.

Whilst I have never insisted that anyone in my family is vegetarian, all the meals I produce are vegetarian and if they wish to eat meat outside the house then of course they can, I want them to make their own choices. Our son Freddie has always steered away from meat, even refusing cows milk, and yet he is the tallest in his class, incredibly bright and intelligent and the same goes for our daughter Megan. She has always eaten everything put in front of her and again, towers above her class mates. Both have excellent skin, and quite honestly are an advert to the reduction of meat products in their diet.

Why do people make such ridiculous statements. I hear all the time that all vegetarians are ill, how it is impossible to have a balanced diet without meat, true if you include saturated fat as part of your balanced diet, and yet when faced with the fact that I do not eat meat, I do not take medication for anything, how I am never ill they still argue.

What many meat eaters seem to always demonstrate is the fact that they are incredibly angry people, often overweight, often full of stress and have clearly lost the inability to look to new ideas and thoughts. You will not find many vegetarians in heart wards within hospitals, very rarely will you find an overweight vegetarian, in fact the list goes on.

Be happy with your choice of lifestyle but do not condemn other peoples unless you want to accept the facts as they are returned to you.

At the end of the day you are most certainly what you absorb. If you absorb something that is dead, devoid of energy, loaded with saturated fats that will sit in your digestive system for hours, sometimes days, creating gas, sleep disturbance, lack of energy and a general lethargy along with increased blood pressure, I could go on, then fine, enjoy your choice and leave others to enjoy theirs and do not teach people that without meat you will die, I think you will find that in many cases it is the otherway around.

By the way, I know it is a pretty gruesome image but this is the reality of meat. A dead animal. Why would you want to eat this?


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