Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remember what is important.

Too often we waste time concerning ourselves about some pretty stupid things,which, I realise can seem important at the time, but we really need to stand still once in a while and put things into prospective.

I find myself often begging my children to tidy their bedrooms, I despair at school bags left on the floor, the ever growing array of shoes, the bathroom left like a team of rugby players have used it and yet really, is it important?

The important things to focus on are the facts that the mess is created by my family, a family I adore. In no time at all the children could be at University or travelling the world working on eco projects, either way, there will come a time when their will be no shoes on the floor, no school bags left in the most difficult places and these times now will be just memories.

My lesson to myself today is to relax about a bit of mess and enjoy the moment of having my family around and to think about how lucky I am to have them with me.


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