Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Would Images Of Fat Make You Less Likely To Eat It?

I heard today that their are plans to include photographs of what fast foods, and other high calorie foods, can make you look like on the packaging and stores. Would this make a difference?

In my opinion no. Most people who suffer with weight issues have much deeper issues to the reasons behind their weight gain, and quite honestly, images of overweight people will simply add to their already fragile state and make their situation worse.

People know that these foods are not good for them but for some it is their only way for comfort. What these people need is someone who can sit and talk with them to discuss their problem and find solutions in a holistic way, through their mental, physical and emotional aspects.

Putting up pictures will only encourage those people to feel worse and give others, less sympathetic in society, an opportunity to point and laugh.

Why is it so difficult for people to look for solutions that actually help people rather than humiliate them?

Lets drop the bullying tactics and work towards a solution that helps people lead happy and healthy lives.


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