Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do Not Accept Bullying in Your Life.

It came to me today that in our quest for an easy and tranquil life we can sometimes leave outselves wide open to the bullies of the world.

What makes someone think they can tell you what to do, that they can instruct you to behave in the manner that they behave, that they are the most important person on the planet and you will follow their instructions?

It is vital that throughout our live we maintain control. This applies to all aspects of our life. It is important to always act in the correct manner, to respect everyone, but this is not an open doorway to others to abuse this.

Stand up for what is right, question what you feel is wrong and act upon it. If you have a bully in your life confront them, never hide from them. They seek power for their own problems but you have to show them that they cannot seek this power from you. Find your inner strength, hold onto your faith and believe.

Most importantly, do not let the experience of a bully change your view on life and people. It is easy to hide away, to avoid people to avoid any situations but if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Your true friends will shine through and those who show negative signs are not worth your time and energy. People are quick to condemn others mainly, I am afraid to say, because of jealousy, but this is no reason to change your life, your dreams and your goals.

Protect your children from people like this by explaining what is happening, highlight how nothing in life can be achieved by the actions of a bully. They have enough negativity to last them a lifetime and yet if they used this energy for good their life would be full and enriched instead of bitter and tainted.

Go about your business, raise your head high and in the most holistic way that you can raise two fingers to those who believe they can bully you.


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