Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grab A Bag Of Almonds.

As the almond harvest continues here in Spain, I wanted to just highlight a few of the health benefits you can achieve my eating a handful of raw almonds each day.

The health benefits of almonds include getting relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, cough, hearth disorders, anemia, impotency, and diabetes. It also helps in hair care, skin care (psoriasis in particular which I found incredibly helpful in curing my own condition), and dental care.

Almonds contain the most nutrients in comparison to all other nuts.

Good for brain: Almond is a source of many nutrients which help in development of the brain. Almond induces high intellectual level and has been considered as an essential food item for growing children. Many mothers give almonds soaked in water to their children daily in the morning (2-3 pieces of soaked almonds are good enough, you can also remove the outer shell if it causes allergy to you).

Regulates your cholesterol without the need for chemical help.

Prevention of certain cancers. The almond works to help your digestive system by moving food through your system much more efficiently which in turn can help prevent cancers.

Will help to regulate your blood pressure without the use of chemical. If you are taking drugs for blood pressure always speak with your doctor about any changes you are making.

Great in pregnancy because it contains folic acid.

Energy. Just a handful of almonds can improve your energy levels for a much longer period than simply grabbing a chocolate bar which can give you an energy boost but will leave you feeling exhuasted after you crash and burn on the otherside.

Buy a bag of natural almonds and keep them in your bag and try to eat at least five a day either as they are or maybe on your breakfast cereal and remember, these will help you to look younger, which has to be incentive enough!


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