Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Appreciate Your Life

I listened to some people yesterday moaning about how they wished they had a better car, how their house was not big enough and how they did not know how the could go on unless they had an ensuite bathroom, how they needed to find a gardener to keep their flowers looking pretty all the time and whilst I appreciate that these are things which are important to them, they really need to look outside the windows of their own world and see what is happening in the world and appreciate what they have.

In China they have had a mudslide which has taken the lives of 700 people, with thousands more missing. Many of the survivors have only what they are standing in and have lost family and friends.

In Pakistan 1500 people have died in the floods and with 14 million people affected this number is sure to rise. They are living in tents made of bits of plastic with no food and no fresh water and with the rain still coming down.

The people of Haiti are still trying to build new lives from the rubble that was left.

A child dies every 3 minutes of hunger.

The list goes on but isn´t it time that we started to appreciate what we have, that we can turn on a tap and we have water, that we have a bed to climb into, that we have our family around us. These are the important things in life, this is what we should be focusing on and putting our energies into helping others that need it.



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