Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Is So Funny About Being A Vegetarian?

As I walked through our local market yesterday with my daughter we were stopped by various people about 10 times to ask, "whats in the box?", we replied that we had five baby chickens. Everyone, without exception, said are they going to end up as dinner, "no" we replied, "They are going to have a long and happy life with our other chickens".

Blank faces.

"But then you will eat them?"

"No, we are vegetarians, we will eat their eggs but not them personally"

"Oh but you have to eat meat otherwise you will die" or "What are you a Christian or something" or "Children have to eat meat otherwise they will not grow"

What is it that makes people think they have the right to question if we are vegetarian, I mean, one thing that really stands out to me is that most meat eaters are just aggressive. They all seem to believe that they have the right to laugh at your choices, to critise what you eat, to tell you how unhealthy it is to be a vegetarian and quite often they are a walking example as to why you should not eat meat.

Being a vegetarian means you eat foods that still have their energy intact. To eat a raw salad will leave you feeling full, energised and in high spirits. To stuff your way through a piece of dead flesh will leave you feeling full, bloated and ready to sleep, not to mention the stress you will put onto your digestive system.

When I encourage people to follow a holistic diet for a month I ensure they cut out all meat, just to cleanse their system but also to highlight how much better you can feel by removing it from your diet. For those who simply must have meat then I encourage them to limit the amount they eat each week, to give the digestive system an opportunity to deal with it before you chuck another load on top. Nearly everyone I have dealt with has felt more alive after a month, their skin and hair has improved and one really outstanding difference, their attitude.

You only need to look at my pig to see how content being a vegetarian makes you feel!

Mood swings are gone, they are bright and happy, they focus on the positives in life and not the negatives. In short, what you put into your system does reflect on the outside so to all of you who feel that you can mock my choices, I would rather reflect energy and health than a rotting piece of flesh anyday of the week!


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