Monday, August 23, 2010

What Is Wrong With People?

This morning, as the sun was rising, I watched our animals wake up. The horse was trotting around, the chickens were all clucking and spreading their wings, the ducks and geese were all making their usual loud noises, dogs were running about whilst it was still cool, the puppies and kittens were waking and playing in the flowers, the pigs were honking waiting for their breakfast and all the other birds were singing giving the impression that we are living in the Amazon even Blaster the guinea pig was doing his hair (a little bit worried about him!) and then I came into the house and switched on the TV to see some ´woman´stroking a cat on a garden wall, the cat had come along to say hello and was clearly someones beloved pet, and then, for reasons I cannot understand, she picked it up by the scruff of the neck and put it into a dustbin!

Fortunately this piece of baggage was caught on CCTV and the authorities are looking for her, but where in her mind did she think this was acceptable behaviour? How dare she even think she can do this and I hope they find her and stuff her in a bin, which quite frankly is where all baggage should go.

No doubt the cat is now traumatised, the owners are probably terrified about letting their cat out again and why, because this woman took it upon herself to just ´throw away´a cat.

If this is the world we live in then I worry for the future. Some people should not be allowed to roam amoungst civilisation, if they have hearts as cold as this surely they should be six foot under.

I believe in Karma and I hope she is ready for what is coming her way.


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