Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Rise Of Greed

I spoke previously in one of our issues about shark fin soup with the cruel trade that goes on behind the scenes to produce a bowl of soup.

Selling, in some cases for over $400 a bowl, it was limited mainly to the rich tourists who were visiting and whom wanted to, basially show off, experience the local cuisine.

Now with the upturn in the Chinese economy there are many more rich Chinese people than ever before and this dish, previously kept for very special occasions, is now becoming more popular on a daily basis.

This can only mean more destruction to sharks within the ocean. For those of you who maybe feel that the world would be better off without this predator consider for a moment the purpose of a shark. It is part of a much bigger Eco system and without the shark in place to maintain levels of certain fish, other fish will diminish, the fish that fishermen go out to catch, to earn a living and most importantly to feed the people who do not have $400 for a bowl of soup.

Just because we do not fully understand something does not give us the right to put on a posh frock, paint our faces and sit at a dining table declaring to the world how rich you are at the expense of the planet. I have met people who have eaten this soup and they all fall into the same category. It is all done for effect.

This display of greed is on the increase, the need to have what others do not have and yet at the end of the day, without a planet we all have nothing. If you have money to burn on a bowl of cruelty soup then do something useful with it. People are starving in the world, people have no water, people have no homes. We all have the opportunity to do something but we need to take the mud from our eyes and look clearly at what we can do.

Check out for more information and facts on this subject.


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