Saturday, August 14, 2010

For Crying Out Loud.

You can view this sick display of animal cruelty in todays News Of The World, where another stupid person has stated that these animals actually love being forced to jump 22ft into a pool of water, I mean we see this all the time in the wild, mules just looking for the perfect cliff in which to perfect their art.
The main people to blame here are those who pay to watch this, I wonder how they would feel if a small child was forced to jump from up here. Anyone who pays to watch animal cruelty should be sentenced and charged just as much as the people who ´train´these animals to carry out such stupid and dangerous tricks.
Where does this all go on? Why, down in Texas, the land of the Rodeo, run by the owner Bill Rivers who says "If they did not like it, they would not do it". OK, so you have been forced to the top of the ramp what are the options? They have to jump, they have no choice, it is like saying that someone jumps from a burning building because they like it. They have no choice.
What is wrong with people? Everyday there seems to be another idiot making money out of cruelty and even more idiots smiling and clapping in the audience. Wake up and see what you are supporting and do something positive with your life. If you like mules, go on a trek and see some of the world with a reputable company, and I guarantee you, not once will they lead you to a cliff and jump off in delight towards 6ft of water.

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