Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Up Close And Personal

Yesterday we took a trip to a local safari park which was absolutely brilliant. It was different in the way that you could stop throughout the drive through and get out and meet the animals, except for the lions and tigers, and for children it was just brilliant.

We walked up to enormous Bison, held huge snakes and met some of the parks new arrivals. It was just brilliant for children who were able to really connect with the animals there were plenty of people to ask for information and it was a fantastic way to have a science lesson in a real hands on way.

Do try and find something similar for your family there are loads of places you can visit, not all of them expensive, there are lots of local farms who are more than happy to let you in and meet the various animals and children just love it, as do the adults.

We write about many different trips in our magazine, you can see the story about Bison in our latest issue at http://www.lifestyle.tk/ but you do not have to travel the world to see these animals, find out what is in your area and get out there.

When you think that some children still do not know where an egg comes from or even where milk comes from this is a valuable lesson that they can really benefit from. Within five minutes of being here our children witnessed an Ostrich laying an egg! That was the talking point all the way home.

Have a great day and if you can, get out and meet the locals!



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