Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keeping The Balance!

This is a wonderful image that I saw yesterday in the Daily Mail, and I love the way that the Gorilla is studying the Nintendo DS. Even better is the fact that once she had given it a good looking over she was happy to swop it for a big red apple!

I think this confirm that Gorillas are more intelligent than many people who seem more than happy to allow their children to remain locked in their rooms playing these games.

Now before you think that I am completely against these games I am not, but their has to be balance. There is a world outside of computer games, the real world, so it is incredibly important, in my opinion, that you monitor the use of these games and balance it with getting outside into the fresh air.

Children need to develop their imaginations, to build camps, to look for insects whatever, the point is, the real world is not confined to a tiny screen and children need to know this.

Have a wonderful day!


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