Monday, August 9, 2010


What exactly is wrong with certain people in the world. I watched in horror this morning a report bought to the west by showing us the horrors of the zoos and circus acts in China.

Beautiful animals reduced to nothing but beaten souls, terrible methods of cruelty are used to make a bear dance, a monkey ride a bike, a tiger stand on a table and for what purpose, so that a group of sick humans can stand and watch and clap hands. Even worse is the fact they feed their tigers, and other animals, live food such as chickens and calves. Were the audience appauled, including the children, no, they clapped and cheered and took photographs.

I recently had a long conversation with someone who told me that I was wrong to condem a circus because the animals had choosen to be there, they had stepped forward it was their destiny! I cannot imagine any animal would choose to have their teeth and claws removed, to be beaten with sticks and lumps of metal and to spend a life of humiliation in front of a group of cheering people. I am quite sure given the option between a forest or a tiny, filthy metal cage they would not choose to live this way.

Unless people speak out, this just goes on and on s please check out their web site, see what is happening and find a way to help. Avoid any circus that uses animals because despite what some rather simple people may think, animals do not want to live like this, not now, not ever..


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