Sunday, August 29, 2010

Incredibly Easy Jam

I found this recipe in the book Raw Living by Kate wood and it is so easy and tasty that I wanted to pass it onto you and encourage you to try it.

With so many jams being filled with sugar this is an incredibly healthy alternative.

You will need:-

2oz prunes which you will need to soak for 4-8 hours.
3 apples
1 lemon juiced

To Make

Obviously soak your prunes in advance and then core and chop the apples, put the pieces in a blender and then blend until you have a puree. Add the prunes and lemon juice and then puree again.

Store in jars in the fridge and it will keep for around 5 days.

You can vary it by changing the prunes for dried apricots, equally delicious!



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