Thursday, August 19, 2010

What is all the fuss about?

Yesterday a bull escaped from a Spanish bullring and injured 40 people. It lept from the ring into the crowd where people began to scream and scatter.

The crowd of people, who had paid to watch this and other poor bulls be tortured and finally killed, did at least have the option of escape routes and yet, everyone seemed upset about the bulls behaviour but, in my opinion, he should have been given his freedom.

He should have been able to cut off a few ears to show his friends on his return, he should have had his photograph taken and hung in the local bar as a hero of the area and yet, for this poor chap, he was killed after he was captured. Hardly seems fair does it?

So all those people who pay to watch this, spend their days organising these events and breed these animals who they say have a wonderful three years, shame on you. This bull managed to get away and if he hurt a few people then that is the price you pay for sitting and watching such a horrible demonstration.

Surely as civilised people we can see that this is wrong? I do not buy into the fact that people say that bulls actually love this, that they enjoy the event.

I have never seen a line of bulls outside a bullring trying to get the job but as long as we keep seeing the line of people paying to watch bullfights they will continue to put them in the ring.

If you are taking a vacation anywhere in the world where this happens, do not buy a ticket to watch. You will be supporting a very cruel industry.

Do something positive with your time.


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